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PWM Solar Charge Controller

solar charge controller circuit 40A Digital Solar Charge Controller

Abstract: 40A Digital Solar Charge Controller, PWM Solar Charge Controller


*Advanced MCU Control plus width modulated (PWM) Technology ,high efficiency operation
*Design for 4 types battery options , GEL,AGM,WET and Calcium battery
*Easy choose different type of battery by tough bottom function
*Design with 5 stage charging model , soft start , bulk charging ,absorption charging ,equalization charging and float charging 
*Built in regulator to prevent your battery from over charge and over discharge 
*Can connect permanently to the battery to keep battery full by float charging function , maintain the battery selflife 
*Protect your battery been discharged in the night
*Digital LCD display to easy show the voltage , current , capacity been charged to battery , type of battery and faulty codes
*Colored LED to indicate easily about the charging situation and battery condition
*Remote display function and temperature sensor function


Products Size : 156*120*38mm
Net Weight : 0.3Kg
Max.Input Voltage :25V DC
Rated Current : 40A
Soft Start Charging Voltage : 10.50V
Absorption Charging Voltage :

--Gel type battery : 14.1V+/-0.2V
--AGM type battery : 14.4V+/-0.2V
--Wet type battery : 14.7V+/-0.2V
--Calciium type battery : 14.9V+/-0.2V

Equalization Charging voltage : 15.5V
Floating Charging Voltage : 13.6V

Self-Consumption <=5mA
Loop Voltage drop : < =250mV

Battery Temperature compensation coefficient : -24mV/degree
Temperature Compensation range : -20 to 50 degree

Input output terminals : M5 Terminals
Remote port : RJ-11 (6pins)

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