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Household solar power generation system of solar panels.

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2015

Solar panels solar power generation system is the core of the solar panel's role is to project the Sun's energy into electrical energy, output DC power into a battery. Solar Panel is one of the most important components in the solar power generation system, the conversion rate and service life are important factors to decide whether solar cell has a value. Component design: according to IEC IEC:1215:1993 standard requirements for design, using 36 or 72 multicrystalline Solar cells in series to form the 12V and 24V types of Assembly. The component can be used for a variety of residential photovoltaic system, stand-alone PV power station and grid-connected photovoltaic power stations and so on. Solar panels

Material features: cell: the high efficiency (more than 16.5%) pieces of monocrystalline silicon solar package, ensure the solar panel generating capacity is sufficient. Glass: use low iron toughened textured glass (also known as white), the thickness of 3.2mm, in the range of wavelength of spectral response for solar cells (320-1100nm) the light transmission rate of 91% per cent, greater than 1200 nm infrared light have higher reflectivity. This glass is also resistant to ultraviolet rays of the sun radiation, light transmittance should not decline. EVA: used with anti-UV agents, antioxidants, 0.78mm, thickness, and curing agent of high quality EVA films as a solar cell ENCAPSULANT and join with a glass, TPT agent. Has higher transmittance and resistance to decay. TPT: solar cell back cover-fluoroplastic film is white, Sun reflexes, so slightly higher efficiency on the component, and because of its high rate of infrared emission, can also reduce the operating temperatures of the component, but also conducive to improving the efficiency of components. This is of course a fluoroplastic film first solar cell encapsulation materials requested by the aging resistance, corrosion resistance, permeability and other basic requirements. Border: the aluminum frame with high strength, strong mechanical shock resistance. Is also the most valuable part of solar system. Its role is to project the Sun's radiation into electricity, or to a battery store, or promote the work load.