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Install solar power generator on the Tibetan plateau.

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2015

Rule haze is a national concern topics involving the health and livelihood of the people. Forum Shang, host yan World magazine President Yang Xiaobin pointed out that, throughout in recent years government related sector of related policy, and expert scholars of built statements brainstorming, more think ash haze problem should to limited row for countermeasures, recommends concentrated in on steel, and cement, and metallurgical, and thermoelectric, Enterprise implemented closed turned stopped, with administrative means sharply production emission reduction, but "what to with sacrifice how much workers laid off and abandoned productivity as cost to for back Chinese Earth of sky, who also cannot estimated," he said governance ash haze needs "alternative".

Experts say controlling smog could be considered "solid oxygen-carbon industries" energy state of a new path, developing sunlight, air and water-based new energy production of the means of production of new road, to the Sun, to the air to hydrogen.

Influence of automobile exhaust on haze, Hu Zhenmin think EV mileage costs and renewal questions and fixed network cannot afford a large plug-in power supply load. Therefore propose that oxygen and hydrogen fuel-cell-powered electric vehicle using methanol, mobile charging, PM2.5 emissions can be achieved.

On the issue of domestic waste treatment, he believed that if it can use garbage "controlled oxygen cracking" technologies, pyrolysis-gas power generation or production of ammonia, garbage will harmlessly into the siege the electricity or fertilizer, turning rubbish into resources.

Data show that burning coal is the largest source of air pollution in China at present, experts suggested, consider installing Sun-shaped generators on the Tibetan plateau, Tibet Autonomous Region, as long as the occupation of 1% plateau slopes, power generation will be able to reach 6 trillion degrees a year in 2013, the national electricity consumption more than 5 trillion degrees. "Nature's history is 4.5 billion years of Earth history, mother of energy is solar energy, nature is the teacher of our pollution," the experts recommended, from nature and found a new road to control the haze.