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Lightning protection measures for solar power generator

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2015

On lightning protection measures for diesel generator set, many users do not understand, or even heard of this term, here, Weifang, China power machinery company-wide lightning protection measures for diesel generator set makes detailed introduction.

Diesel generators to make the necessary protection against lightning. Directly connected to the overhead distribution lines in particular lightning protection for the generator must be carried out, according to the national provisions of the standard design specification, under different conditions of generator insulation varying measures of lightning protection measures.

Single capacity for direct distribution to 300~1500kw machine, 9 the protection of over-voltage protection. Single high pressure direct distribution up to the capacity of 300kw machines, depending on the circumstances and operating experience, with 10 (a) protection of wiring, or 10 (b), only a set of lightning arrester line entrance points and condensers, and installed on the pole near the household protection gaps or insulator iron feet grounded. Individual key protection wiring of the motor 9.

Protection of surge arresters for high pressure rotating electrical machines, generally with magnetic blow surge arrester, lightning arrester should be installed near the generator. In normal circumstances, surge arresters can be mounted in the motor outlet if hooked up to a generator on each bus bar no more than two, or single capacity up to 500kW, and surge arresters no further than 50m, the arrester can be installed on each bus bar

When direct-distribution neutral point lead and is not directly grounded, shall be installed at the neutral point magnetic blowout or ordinary lightning arrester. Arrester rated voltage should not fall below the maximum operating voltage of generator, for line voltage is 6. 3kV generators should use FCD-4 or FZ-4 4kV, surge arresters, 10. 5kV generators should use FCD-6 or Fz-6 6kV surge arresters.

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