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What are the advantages of solar power?

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2015

1, independent power supply, without geographical restrictions, without consuming fuel, no mechanical moving parts, short construction period, size at will;

2, compared with thermal power, nuclear power, solar power does not cause pollution of the environment, safety, noise, environmental aesthetics, low failure rate, long service life;

3, easy to disassemble, easy to move and low installation cost, can easily be combined with building, without built-in racks high transmission lines, can be removed from a distance the laying of cables at the destruction of vegetation and environmental and engineering costs;

4, are widely used in a variety of electric appliances, is ideal for the lack of electricity, no family, rural, pastoral areas, mountains and Islands, highways and other household appliances appliances and lighting in remote places.

5, has a permanent, as long as the Sun, solar power can be a long-term investment;

6 at the same time, solar power systems can be large, medium and small, medium big kW power station, so small that only one household solar power group, which is unmatched by the other power supply.