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Advantage For Digital Solar Charge Controller

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 08, 2016

MT-505  Digital Solar Charge Controller 

  1. MT-505 Digital Solar Charge Controller come with LCD Displa which can show customer the battery 

     voltage ,charging current , AH been charged to the battery every day ,Battery FUL , Connection

     fault ,solar panel connection & Charging status information 

  2. It comes with 5 stage Charging technology to main your battery with longer life 

  3. 4 or 6 type of battery setting ,can charge with many different type of battery in very professional

    way .Battery setting is : AGM , GEL ,WET ,CALCIUM ,LiFePO4 & LTO . 30A and 40A digital solar charge controller can use to charge Lithium Battery

  4. Flash Mounting design 

  5. With Optional Remote display for RV market