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Classification Of Solar Lights

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

  Classification of solar lights

  1. solar street light

  Used in rural roads and rural roads, solar photovoltaic lighting is currently one of the main applications. The use of light source with low power high pressure gas discharge (HID) lights, fluorescent lamps, low pressure sodium lamp, high power LED. Due to its overall power limit, the number of cases applied to urban trunk roads is limited. With the complementary with the municipal lines, Yuxiang solar photovoltaic lighting street in the main road applications will be more and more.

  Navigation, aviation and land traffic lights role is essential, many local power grid can not be powered, and solar lights can solve the power supply problem, the light source to small particles oriented LED-oriented. Has achieved good economic and social benefits.

  2. Solar garden lights

  Used in urban roads, commercial and residential areas, parks, tourist attractions, squares and other lighting and decoration. Can also be based on user needs to the above-mentioned commercial lighting system into a solar lighting system. 3 solar lawn light

  Light source power 0.1 ~ 1W, generally use small particles of light-emitting diode (LED) as the main light source. Solar panels power of 0.5 ~ 3W, can be used 1.2V nickel batteries and other two batteries.

  3. Solar landscape lights

  Used in the square, parks, green space and other places, using a variety of modeling low-power LED point light source, line light source, there are cold cathode modeling lights to beautify the environment. Solar landscape lights can not destroy the green space and get a better landscape lighting effect.

  4. Solar marking lights

  For night-oriented instructions, the door, the intersection logo lighting. The luminous flux of the light source is not high, the system configuration requirements are lower, the use of larger. The light source of the marking lamp may generally be a low power LED or a cold cathode lamp.