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Determine The Good Or Bad Solar Panels

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

  Determine the good or bad solar panels

  Solar panels in the transport, handling, installation and other processes, easy to be stampede, impact, resulting in components difficult to detect the hidden dangers, greatly affect the use of components function. So how to judge the solar panel is good or bad? Solar panels are made of tempered glass, series solar cells, eva, tpt, aluminum shell, junction box, we check the acceptance, also need to start from these parts.

  1, see the tempered glass surface. In general, small manufacturers in order to improve production speed, often unintentionally, the silica drops on the tempered glass surface, the surface of silica gel will reduce the power generation efficiency of the battery.

  2, see the solar cell welding. Some small manufacturers to save costs, the use of broken battery chip welded, this battery pack there is a big risk, if the battery chip splicing is not good, later easy to disconnect again, affecting the use of the entire battery. Large manufacturers using battery chip string welding method, welding firm, arranged in regular.

  3, look back. Look at the pressure on the back of the pressure, there is no pressure after the situation does not appear, such as bubbles, folds and the like.

  4, look at the border. Many small manufacturers to use artificial way to fight the box, due to the intensity of each artificial fight the uneven, playing a good contact with the box is not one, can not be qualified rectangular, solid degree is also greatly reduced.

  5, see silicone. Look around the back of the silicone is evenly distributed, whether tightly penetrate the backplane and the border of the gap.

  6, look at the junction box. Whether the junction box cover can be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box; whether the outlet wire lock is free and can be tightened.

  In summary, we can see that the quality of solar panels to control the point is more, we have to judge from the subtle quality of good or bad.