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How Do Solar Light Mine?

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

  How do Solar Light mine?

  Summer, and often encounter thunderstorms, talk about energy-saving Solar Light how to do mine thunderstorms weather long time, how to do a good job on solar street light protection measures, is a lot of solar street lamp manufacturers is the most troublesome test of the technical problems. In the open, mountain, thunderstorms often occur in the area, lightning protection measures are particularly important.

  Solar street light mine work and ordinary street lamp is different, Solar Light mainly in the LED response speed faster than ordinary lights, bear the voltage capacity than ordinary and so small. So from which aspects to consider it?

  1, solar street light: This is the most important, Solar Light with the body to do the fluid can be broken, according to the geological soil to determine the ground, grounding resistance <10 ohms.

  2, anti-lightning strike: do with the rod to do on the line.

  3, the circuit: the installation of special photovoltaic DC lightning protection device.

  Lightning protection device mainly based on the power supply voltage to design, because the lightning when the LED street lamp circuit by the electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction to produce a peak voltage or peak current through, thus affecting and damage the LED street lamp equipment. Solar Light So need to choose the appropriate LED dedicated lightning protection device on the power line surge over-voltage protection, to avoid the same area a large area LED street lamp lightning damage phenomenon.