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How To Choose The Right Mobile Home Solar Power Plant?

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 10, 2015

Set of batteries, solar charge controller and inverter systems hosts in one feature-rich, easy to use, no need to do any debugging to use, and is ideal for areas without electricity household use. There is a story about portable solar power generator is displayed this device is practical. Home solar power equipment on which the choice, due to differences in household electricity demand and economic conditions are not the same, so when choosing a solar power system, it must be from the suitability and economy of two main aspects to consider. First, choose a product family of applicability of solar power equipment can be big or small, issue of power are not the same. Make a power system that is too small and cannot meet the demand for electricity, the system gives too much power to big, so wasted. Should first determine the type of household solar power generation equipment, pure direct lighting power equipment and power generating equipment for the use of AC electric power generation equipment, should be chosen according to needs. Should also determine the capacity size of the prior estimate of consumption of electricity, according to the daily power to select the size of the system. Also consider using the load again and need to use high power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, furnaces, pumps of HIV/AIDS and so on, need extra consideration. Second, the larger economy of select product systems, the electricity generated from the more adequate, bigger is better, of course. But on the other hand, larger systems also means that costs more, or even a particularly large difference. When you select a home solar power equipment, had to think about economics.In addition, is to consider the quality and standard of solar power on the device itself. Solar panels quality directly affects how much power; battery affect the ability to store energy, controller and inverter impact to overall system stability and service life. Therefore, when choosing a home solar power equipment, must be considered integrated a number of factors.