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How To Realize The Environmental Protection Of Solar Light

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

  How to realize the environmental protection of Solar Light

  1. Solar Lights in the discharge process, the ability to save electricity: Solar Lights are solar panels to absorb solar energy and then converted into electrical energy lighting equipment, to ensure the normal operation of lighting equipment, to effectively use electrical energy, reduce the loss of their discharge, and then reach the role of energy-saving reduction!

  2. Solar batteries have the capacity to store electricity: through the solar panel conversion of electricity, if there is no storage battery, then these capital will be ruined, so the solar energy storage battery to have the capacity to meet, and with the conversion of solar panels, and the storage capacity of solar cells as high as possible;

  3. The ability of solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity in unit time is correlated with the size of solar panels. If an area has a temporary rainy day, it is necessary to use relatively large solar panels;

  First of all, the control system of Solar Light needs meticulous debugging work, for this kind of facilities can be illuminated in different seasons, its light source opening and closing control needs and natural climate change presents a common state. For example, in the summer when the use of solar street lights, the controller will be on the day just when the lights off, and once the night, will be set up in time to light the light. It is because of the existence of the time control switch program, so the solar control system will show such an important role.

  In addition to the control of the system, Solar street light is also a very practical use of the effectiveness of the lighting facilities, the use of the battery to the duration of electricity is also a certain demand. And when the battery charging work is completed, or has been unable to absorb electricity, Solar Light inside a control system will be issued in time for its closure instructions,