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Little Knowledge About Solar Lights

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

  Little knowledge about solar lights. And we grow knowledge together.

  1, how to choose the light source of solar lights?

  Solar lights generally use efficient, energy-efficient light source. Currently used in solar lights on the light source (bulbs) are: efficient DC energy-saving lamps, ultra-bright semiconductor LED lights, Promise electromagnetic induction lamp (LVD), low pressure sodium lamp (LPS) and high pressure sodium lamp (HPS) and so on.

  Solar street lights in general use of LED and 12V DC energy-saving lamps for light; solar street lights according to the actual needs of the 12V DC energy-saving lamps, low pressure sodium lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, Promise electromagnetic induction lamp, etc. Choose from a variety of light sources.

  Regardless of the kind of light source, its brightness and the power of the light source is directly related. With the same light source, the higher the power, the higher the brightness; the smaller the power, the lower the brightness.

  2, solar lights can be bright weather to light how long?

  The length of time the lighting of the solar lamp can be set according to the user's requirements. For the same location, it is directly related to the choice of solar cell modules and batteries. In the premise of determining the power of the light source, the choice of solar cell module power and battery capacity, the greater the time to ensure that the longer the lighting, and vice versa is shortened. Standard system configuration should generally ensure that every day 5 to 10 hours of lighting time.

  3, solar lights in the rainy weather can be used for how long?

  Solar lights in a continuous rainy days of the guarantee time can be based on the specific use of the environment and customer requirements for the design. Usually, in the event of continuous rainy weather, should meet not less than 2 days (5 to 10 hours a day) of the lighting time.