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Mobile Solar Generator Easy To Dismantle Easy To Move

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Mobile solar generators through the sun directly on the solar panels to generate electricity, and the battery charge, for the DC energy-saving lamps, tape recorders, televisions, DVD, satellite TV receivers and other products, this product has overcharge, over Put, short circuit, temperature compensation, battery reverse and other protection functions, can output 12V DC and 220V AC.

Application: can provide lighting for remote areas without electricity to meet the needs of wild workers need to be camping equipment, can provide night lighting can replace the national grid part of the energy, or add energy, pollution, safety, new energy to achieve sustainable use

Solar generators consist of the following three components: solar cell components; power electronic devices such as charge and discharge controllers, inverters, test instruments and computer monitors, batteries or other energy storage and auxiliary power generation equipment.


1, independent power supply, not subject to geographical restrictions, no need to consume fuel, no mechanical rotating parts, the construction period is short, the size of the random;

2, compared with thermal power, nuclear power generation, solar power will not cause environmental pollution, safe and reliable, no noise, environmental protection and beauty, low failure rate, long life;

3, easy disassembly, easy to move, low cost of installation, can be easily combined with the building, without embedded high-transmission lines, can avoid the long-distance laying of cables on the vegetation and environmental damage and engineering costs;

4, widely used in a variety of electrical appliances, is ideal for power shortage, no electricity in the family, rural, grassland pastoral areas, hills, islands, highways and other remote areas of household appliances and electrical appliances.

5, with a permanent, as long as the sun exists, solar power can be an investment and long-term use;

6, solar power generation system can be large and small simultaneously, large to millions of kilowatts of medium-sized power plants, small to only one for the use of solar power generation group, which is unmatched by other power supply.