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Precautions Of Hot Spot And Delamination Of Solar Panels

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

First, the solar plate hot spots and delamination reasons:

1. Component repair when there is a foreign body in the surface will cause hot spots; 2. Welding adhesion is not enough to cause hot spots; 3. delamination temperature, time and other parameters do not meet the standard caused.

Second, the impact of components:

1. hot spot caused by solar panel power attenuation failure or a direct result of the components burned scrapped; 2. delamination caused by component power attenuation or failure affect the life of components to scrapped components.

Third, preventive measures:

1. Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the repair SOP operation, and pay attention to repair after the inspection Note 5s; 2 soldering iron soldering machine temperature control to meet the standards; 3. Timing check laminator parameters are in line with process requirements, The degree of cross-linking ensures that the degree of cross-linking meets 85% ± 5% of the requirements.

Test the solar panel qualified method:

1, appearance: the appearance of the product inspection can be under normal conditions of light visual inspection, check whether the appearance of the product meets the requirements of the standard.

2, the structure: the test of the product assembly structure can be used 98N pull the battery components of the border, box, cable to see if it is loose, visual inspection of the border between the assembly there is no gap between the corners are flat, whether 90 degrees The right angle.

3, the function: the solar panels on the standard light exposure, the measured output of the open circuit voltage and short circuit current is consistent with the corresponding specifications of the standard requirements, and then calculate whether the power to meet the specifications of the corresponding specifications.

4, the safety: Insulation resistance tester with two test leads were connected to the components of the output leads and components of the metal frame, start the instrument, measuring the insulation resistance can meet the requirements of 200MΩ.

5, check the battery behind the wire tension: the battery board with the installed line box fixed live, with a spring pull the wire in the axial plus 89N force pull 1 minute, the wire and electric box without loosening, desoldering or Damage, etc., and contact, seal intact.

6, packaging: Check the product model is correct, the accessories are complete, there is no protective measures, protection is valid, the box is, side wheat printing is neat, correct, packing belt is locked.