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Solar Light Advantages And Disadvantages And Prices

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

In today's increasingly depleted earth resources, solar lights as energy-saving environmental protection lamps, solar water heaters should be born after the new products, by more and more consumers love, the concept of low-carbon lighting is also well known. So, is the solar lamp easy to use? Below for your specific analysis, including the price of solar lights and the advantages and disadvantages of the content to explain.

Solar lights introduced:

Solar lights from the solar panels, charge / discharge controller, battery, load, lamp shell composed of five parts. One of the solar panels and batteries is the core of its composition, solar lighting to the daytime solar modules can be stored in the battery energy, used in the night lighting.

Solar lamp works:

Solar lights through the solar panels to receive solar radiation energy, and then converted into electrical energy output, through the charge / discharge controller stored in the battery, when the illumination down to 10lux or so, the solar panel open circuit voltage of 4.5V or so, charge / discharge controller After the detection of action, the battery on the lamp discharge; installed with a protective device inverter, with the exchange of power supply equipment; the lighting system energy efficient work, to provide people with low-carbon green lighting.

Is the solar lamp easy to use?

In fact, we can through the advantages and disadvantages of solar lights and ordinary lamps, analysis of its good use.

Solar energy lights easy to install, do not lay a complex line, just a cement base, with stainless steel screws can be fixed; compared to ordinary lamps, saving electricity, solar lights when a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, 1-3 years to recover Investment costs, long-term effective income; solar lights are ultra-low pressure products, safe and reliable operation; its main components - solar panels life of up to 25 years, ultra-bright led the average life of more than 50000h, dedicated battery life in 5 - 12 years; solar energy green environmental protection, is a new era of energy saving green lighting products.

Of course, in the use of solar lights, the need to pay attention to safety issues, because the solar lights are solar panels to receive solar radiation, if the battery failure, is likely to cause damage to the lamp and accidents.

At present, the application of solar lights, outdoor roads and park lawn and other regions are more common, the general price of solar lawn lamps in the 35 yuan -65 yuan; solar garden lights in the price of 500 yuan; solar street lights are quite different, cheaper 3,000 yuan Or so, up to more than 20,000 yuan.