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Solar Light As A Safe And Environmental Protection And The Use Of New Energy Is Becoming More And More Attention

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 06, 2017

Energy scarcity, energy contention is now one of the important intangible war, and the solar energy as one of the new energy has been one of the main energy, but because the technology and price factors have not been completely accepted by the market, but the solar energy as a safe, environmentally friendly and not used in the new energy is increasingly concerned about. Now solar cars and solar water heaters have become increasingly popular, and as solar lights because of the lack of publicity is very little attention.

Solar light is simply to use solar panels to convert solar energy into electric energy and store it in a storage battery for nighttime lighting without extra power. Solar lamps Night automatic lighting, daytime automatic charging lights special effects, can be widely used in roads, parks, residential districts, schools, squares and other lighting.

Solar Lamp Product Features:

1, Solar lamp installation convenience: Without laying complex lines, the line requirements are not high, one can easily install.

2, Solar energy environmental protection green: solar lamp compared with the traditional lamp with low radiation, less pollution, more in line with green environmental requirements.

3, solar lamp safe and reliable: solar energy lamp itself when the conversion of solar energy, through the low-voltage direct current into light energy, rather than direct AC, so when one of the most secure power.

4, Solar lamp price is low: solar lamp is one-time investment, the latter cost is almost 0

Although the advantages of the sun light is obvious, but hinder its development disadvantage is also very obvious, such as: not beautiful, illuminate the scope is also narrower, solar lamp cost is high, publicity efforts small, customer group acceptance of low light factors restricting the popularity of solar energy lamps.

With the development of solar energy and the upstream cost of the decline in the price of solar lamps are now increasingly low, but the consumer concept of consumer spending is still a few years ago at the high price of the stage, so the solar energy companies to increase publicity, so that consumers understand the current price.