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Solar Light Equipment Is Much More Complex Than A Battery Board And Controller

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

  Solar Light equipment is much more complex than a battery board and controller, inverter, and electric equipment, so in order to ensure that the Solar Light equipment continues to operate, inspection maintenance is usually in the one week cycle.

  Every autumn the equipment is thoroughly inspected, especially the clean, polished lighting fixtures and parts of the solar modules.

  does not solve the photoelectric conversion rate of Solar Light system, the size of the battery and the existence of major problems, such as living, maintenance will be far more than the maintenance of high-pressure sodium lamp.

  Proper maintenance of Solar Light:

  1, when there is wind, rain, rain, hail, snow, etc., should take measures to protect the solar cell phalanx, to avoid harm.

  2, wind, rain, snow or turn to immediately check whether the board after the rainy season, the control room and the battery is indoor water, water, after the storm should check the equipment is working properly, its charge and discharge controller damage and so on.

  3, solar array of light should always keep clean, if dust or other dirt, should be washed first, and then clean gauze water gently wipe, do not use hard objects or corrosive solvent washing, heuristics.

  4, matching and solar cell array use batteries, should be strictly in accordance with the use of battery maintenance methods.

  5. Check the power system connected to the solar street lamp to avoid loose connection.

  6. Check the grounding resistance of the solar street lamp.

  The design of Solar street lamp system is not invariable. It usually needs to be designed according to the specific circumstances of the location. There are many factors affecting the configuration scheme, such as average sunshine time, road width, daily discharge time, longest rainy days, etc.