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Solar Light For The Dark Night To Bring Light And Heat

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

  Solar Light for the dark night to bring "light and heat"

  Today, solar energy has become recognized as clean green energy, and gradually applied to the people's livelihood, the benefit of mankind. Which is a solar street light application of a way.

  Solar street light system generally consists of solar panels, Solar Light controllers, batteries, lamp, poles, cables and other components.

  The solar street light system relies on sunlight during the day to illuminate the solar panels and generate electricity and deliver the generated energy to the battery for storage. At night when the light intensity down to a certain extent or to a certain moment, through the controller control, so that the battery on the light source with electrical discharge. Until the light intensity to a certain extent or a certain moment, the automatic closure of electricity. It has no need to lay the cable, do not consume conventional energy, energy saving, easy installation and other advantages have been widely recognized by the community.

  Before the lack of power resources in the western region, for example, Solar Light most rural power users are away from the grid, households scattered living, and high-voltage transmission construction costs 10-13 million yuan per kilometer, resulting in the high cost of erection of power lines. Power supply is mainly used to meet the rural residents living and production of electricity, the most important of which is lighting, small appliances, and agricultural irrigation. For such lighting, such as road lighting, or with or without, as solar photovoltaic power generation technology matures, in many solar photovoltaic power generation is considered to be the best way to solve the problem of rural power generation.

  In the city, the road on both sides of the public facilities lighting and building lighting is a lot of money to spend, and every day need to spend, the emergence of Solar Light greatly alleviate the city utility spending, high energy consumption problems.

  What is the future of solar street lighting? The answer is yes, Solar Light from the economic point of view, according to estimates, to 4 meters street lamps and 8 meters street lamp calculation, the use of Solar Light, 4 meters street lights and 8 meters street lamp annual savings of about 2190 kwh, electricity savings of 1533 yuan, or Has a good income space, from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection, its electricity from photovoltaic power generation, do not need to consume traditional energy, energy saving, pollution-free. I believe the future of solar street light industry due to the more obvious social and economic benefits, but also by the multi-support and promotion of solar street market size or will show a rapid growth trend.