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Solar Lights Exist Problems

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

  Solar lights exist problems

  As the solar lights are emerging industries, has just developed in China, so the solar energy industry there are still some problems.

  First, the battery problem. Battery quality, especially the actual life of the battery is the key factor affecting the quality of solar energy system operation, the general life of lead-acid battery design is generally five or six years, but in practical applications, the general two or three years need to be replaced, and some even Less than a year of life is over. From the perspective of environmental reduction, the ordinary battery replacement cycle is short, increasing the operating costs of solar lights, and replace the battery needs to be reused, this process has increased the impact on the environment, therefore, the use of cost-effective colloid Battery is an effective solution.

  Second, the problem. Light source problems are: high-voltage circuit in the vibrator easy to damage, lamp life is short, the reliability is not high; light power, but low brightness, high power light source led to large system configuration, the system cost doubled. Third, the controller problem. The charging method and parameter setting of the controller have a certain influence on the running quality of the solar lamp system, and the quality of the controller currently used is general. Fourth, the system matches the problem. Now do the manufacturers of solar lamps are often too much pursuit of design, and the most important system matching research ignored, without in-depth consideration, a simple calculation of the matter, and finally led to a large number of problems lamps; some manufacturers in order to create their own products Price advantage, at the expense of system stability, these practices are not desirable. Therefore, the solar light system in order to rapid and healthy development, we must first solve these problems.