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Solar Lights Usher In Brand Channel Era

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

The outbreak of solar energy applications, making the lighting industry usher in an unprecedented revolution. Traditional lighting to increase the intensity of solar energy transfer, corporate channel construction has accelerated significantly, the traditional lighting brand camp gradually divided, solar Light brand is the speed of the impact of the scale of the path to rewrite the industry pattern.

With the next three years, the domestic lighting market competition is heating up, lighting brand how to assault? With the continued penetration of LED solar lights, lighting brand how to fight the rivers and lakes?

The big channel era has come

Channel construction without delay. However, the channel environment has passed, especially in the lighting market, high-speed transformation and upgrading.

The nineties of last century, China's lighting market and more shantytowns to build the market, and some still in the city center area. With the accelerated process of urbanization, and consumer demand for the shopping environment to enhance the high standards of professional supermarkets gradually led the development trend of the lighting market.

At the same time, the terminal single store lighting supermarkets continue to appear, more than 5,000 square meters of lighting supermarkets in the country nearly 100, and there have been such as Chongqing lights Matt, Zhengzhou gorgeous single store area of thousands of square super supermarkets. Although the lighting industry has not appeared in the home appliance industry, such as "the United States", "Suning" and other strong terminals, but the Chinese lighting channel (store) brand development has become inevitable, the expansion of these lighting stores rise, is to guide and change each City lighting sales pattern.

However, the emerging power of LED solar lights, so that the rise is more full of more variables. And has the theme of LED solar lights professional supermarkets also came into being, in order to adapt to the development of this emerging technology industry, the traditional lighting stores are also not far behind.

The trend of the traditional ten lights Street gradually fade out of people's vision, professional lighting chain expansion set sail, lighting store transformation and upgrading, to scale, brand, fashion direction of development, declared the lighting industry, the era of large channels have come!