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Solar Panel Application Areas

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Single solar cells can not be used directly to power. Power supply must be a number of single battery strings, connected in parallel and tightly packaged into components. Solar panels (also known as solar modules) are the core of solar power systems and the most important part of solar power systems.

Application areas

First, the user solar power

(1) small power supply 10-100W range, for remote areas such as the plateau, islands, pastoral areas, border posts and other military life electricity, such as lighting, television, tape recorders, etc .; (2) 3-5KW family roof Power generation system; (3) photovoltaic pump: to solve the non-electric areas of deep wells drinking, irrigation.

Second, the field of transport

Such as beacon lights, traffic / railway lights, traffic warning / signs lights, street lamps, high altitude obstruction lights, highway / railway wireless telephone booths, unattended road power supply.

Third, the field of communications / communications

Solar energy unattended microwave relay station, cable maintenance station, radio / communication / paging power system; rural carrier phone photovoltaic system, small communication machine, soldiers GPS power supply.

Four, oil, marine, meteorological field

Oil pipeline and reservoir gate cathodic protection of solar power systems, oil drilling platform life and emergency power, marine testing equipment, weather / hydrological observation equipment.

Five, home lighting power

Such as solar garden lights, street lamps, portable lights, camping lights, mountain lights, fishing lights, black light, tapping lights, energy-saving lamps.

Six, photovoltaic power plant

10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power plants, scenery (fire) complementary power stations, all kinds of large parking lot charging stations.

Seven, solar building

The combination of solar power and building materials, making the future of large-scale construction of electricity to self-sufficiency, is a major direction for the future development.

Eight other areas include

(2) solar energy hydrogen fueled fuel cell regenerative power generation system; (3) seawater desalination equipment supply; (4) water purification equipment, solar energy, ) Satellites, spacecraft, space solar power stations and so on.

Solar panel market conditions

EU trade commission in May or will propose to China-made solar panels imposed more than 30% punitive tariffs to protect the European manufacturers.

Reuters quoted foreigners as saying that EU trade commissioner Karel Leghut will be proposed at the trade meeting of the European Union on the 8th, impose punitive tariffs on China's solar panels and is expected to be supported. In accordance with the relevant EU regulations, the relevant temporary tax measures will take effect before June 6.

However, even if the EU will introduce a preliminary decision, there is still room for consultation with the Chinese side to solve the problem. If the two sides successfully negotiated, will be able to avoid the longest five years of punitive tariff measures.

The European Commission launched anti-dumping and countervailing investigations against solar panels imported from China, involving Chinese enterprises exporting to the EU up to 21 billion euros (about 27.6 billion US dollars), the industry known as the history of the EU involved in the largest amount "Double reverse" case.