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Solar Panel Battery And Power Distribution Options

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

First, the solar panel battery selection

Solar panels directly affect the solar panel power generation capacity, solar cell selection should be in the high maturity of technology, reliable operation under the premise of combining the natural environment around the power plant, construction conditions, transportation conditions, select the best indicators of the best solar cells.

Second, the distribution of power options

Power plant parallel to the pool set up power generation solar panels to fully consider the distribution of power distribution room, the battery body DC cable can be fixed along the photovoltaic panels installed for the collection of DC cable convergence box can be near the pool in the vicinity of the installation, The confluence box is connected to the DC side of the inverter, converted to AC by inverter, and then passed through different voltage transformations, which can be used for electricity consumption in power plant.

Solar panel distribution is in accordance with the distribution of high and low temperature, high temperature and low temperature changes are changing according to day and night. In general, according to the sunlight, the temperature is constantly changing, during the daytime, due to strong sunlight, the temperature rise faster, and in the evening, the solar panel is the main storage temperature, however, the night temperature continues to decline, Means that the temperature of the solar panels is declining. Thus, the temperature of solar panels in the day and night the gap is relatively large. Under normal circumstances, the ground erection of solar panels, the atmosphere of dust on the one hand will weaken the sun to reach the ground radiation, on the other hand may increase the wear and tear of photovoltaic power generation equipment, and settlement in the photovoltaic cell surface dust will reduce solar energy Power generation.