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Solar Panels, More Interest, Easier To Install

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2017

         Solar panel power remains one of the most viable alternative energy option for many consumers. Stand alone systems that provide electricity for the off grid solar energy  home are just as viable as those systems consumers utilize in systems tied into the utility company’s power grid. While there are people who enjoy living in a remote and rural location in a self sustaining way, many more people have cabins or small vacation properties that benefit from a remote solar system.

        Solar system provides a renewable and cleaner alternative to a system of fossil fuel generators that can be costly to maintain. The Mars rovers that NASA launched were both solar powered and quite exceeded their mission expectations, and it is difficult to think of a more remote location than Mars. Since the average consumer’s off grid solar system is a lot closer to home than Mars, we can examine some of the issues that most people will encounter when planning an off site solar system.