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Solar Panels Needs An Inverter

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 04, 2017

       With the solar panels in place in the PV system, one needs an inverter. The solar panels generate DC electricity and the inverter converts that electricity into AC use for the household. An important off grid consideration is that many of the electrical components can be found locally, and many people building an off the grid system utilize a low volt system to minimize shock hazards.

       Along with the inverter, a battery system needs to be in place. This provides a way for the system to store the excess energy that the solar system generates. Every location on earth has peak sun hours ranging from three to six hours, and if planned properly, an off the grid site can generate more electricity than is used. A solar system that is tied into the utility grid simply sells its excess power back to the utility company. For an off grid site, it is important to have that back up in case of emergencies or failures within the solar system. Finally, many people building a solar system for off the grid use will have a backup generator for emergencies, and equipment designed to protect appliances from over currents.