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Solar Power Design Of Machine Configurations.

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 11, 2015

Solar technology is very mature, rural bright project many years ago through solar power has basic electricity for 3 million people to solve problems; 10-megawatt solar power plant in Dunhuang in Ordos, Inner Mongolia project, 255-kilowatt, 1 MW project was approved by the Chinese Government of Chongming Island, Shanghai City has built a third solar power station project.

Design configuration solar generator based on electricity consumption, solar power system design needs to take into account the following factors:

Solar power systems Q1, where to use? How is the solar radiation?

Q2, the load power how? (For example: TV, lighting, mobile phone charging power generally does not exceed 300 Watts)

Q3, the output voltage is, DC or Exchange?

Q4 how many hours, the system needs to work every day?

Q5, in case there is no sunlight and rainy weather, required continuous power supply of the system how many days?

Q6, load conditions and purely resistive, capacitive or inductive, starting current how big is it?

Q7, the number of system requirements?