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Talking About The Convenience Of Solar Light

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

  Talking about the convenience of Solar Light

  First, solve the problem of long-distance wire pulling. This eliminates the expensive production of copper wire costs, installation and easy to operate.

  Second, the maintenance cost of sealed battery is omitted.Solar Light Because it is made of crystalline silicon cells, it is not necessary to worry about the maintenance problem of sealed batteries.

  Third, more independent. Solar Lights have a strong LED lighting as a light source, and the use of intelligent charge and discharge controller equipment, and no cost.

  Four, avoids the security hidden danger. Solar Lights because of the use of 12 24v low-voltage, voltage stability, reliable operation.

  V. Long service life. Under the same brightness, Solar Light power is one-tenth of incandescent lamp, one-third of fluorescent lamp, and life is 50 of incandescent lamp.

  Times, 20 times times the fluorescent lamp,Solar Light is the fourth generation of lighting products after incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and gas discharge lamp.

  Six, the most important is the environmental protection good. No pollution, no noise, no radiation, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency