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The Development Trend Of Solar Lights

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

With the increasing resources of the Earth, the basic energy investment costs are rising, a variety of security and pollution hazards can be described as ubiquitous. In this way, solar lighting products with solar water heaters should be popular after the popular, where we have the effect of solar lighting and the use of electricity fixtures for practical comparison. In the case of

Comparison of a commercial lighting installation complex: in the city of lighting project has a complex operating procedures, first of all to lay the cable, here it is necessary to cable trench excavation, laying dark tube, pipe threading, backfill and other large infrastructure projects. And then a long installation and commissioning, such as any one line problems, will have a large area of rework. And terrain and line requirements are complex, labor and ancillary materials are costly. Solar lighting installation is simple: solar lighting installation, do not lay a complex line, just do a cement base, and then fixed with stainless steel screws can be. In the case of

Comparison of two city electricity lighting high tariffs: commercial lighting in the work of a fixed high electricity, long-term uninterrupted on the line and other configuration maintenance or replacement, maintenance costs increased year by year. Solar lighting free electricity: solar lighting is a one-time investment, without any maintenance costs, three years to recover the cost of investment, long-term benefit. In the case of

Comparison of three commercial lighting has security risks: commercial lighting due to the construction quality, landscape engineering transformation, material aging, power supply is not normal, water and electricity pipeline conflict and so on to bring a lot of security risks. Solar lighting is no security risks: solar lighting is ultra-low voltage products, safe and reliable operation. In the case of

Other advantages of solar lighting: green, for the development and promotion of noble ecological district to add new selling points; sustainable reduction of property management costs, reduce the cost of the owners of the public part of the apportionment. In view of the comparison, the safety of solar lighting without hidden danger, no energy consumption, green, easy installation, automatic maintenance and maintenance-free features such as the sale of real estate, the construction of municipal projects directly bring obvious advantages.