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The Life Of Solar Lights Is Much Higher Than That Of Ordinary Electric Lights

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

The life of solar Lights is much higher than that of ordinary electric Lights, such as the main components of solar Lights ---- 25 years of life of solar modules; low pressure sodium Light average life of 18,000 hours; low-pressure high efficiency three primary color energy-saving Lights average Life of 6000 hours; ultra-bright LED average life expectancy of more than 50000 hours; solar dedicated battery life of 38AH the following 2-5 years; 38-150AH 3-7 years. In accordance with the conventional district in accordance with the local Price Bureau, "according to pure residential building area of a one-time collection of street lights maintenance fee 6 yuan / ㎡" requirement, making the initial investment in general lighting to be higher than the initial investment in solar lighting. In short, a comprehensive comparison of solar energy Lights to save investment characteristics is quite obvious.

Solar power supply system, the performance of the battery directly affect the overall cost of the system and the operation of good or bad life, compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries, it is in the design and manufacturing process has the following salient features:

Long service life, under normal circumstances, the service life of five to ten years.

Using the appropriate positive and negative alloy formula and active material ratio, the battery is more suitable for energy storage battery cycle charge, discharge characteristics.

Colloidal electrolyte design, effective inhibition of active material rust and plate sulphation phenomenon, thus delaying the performance of the battery in the process of decline. Greatly improving the battery's deep charge and discharge cycle life.