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The Performance Of Solar Lights

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

  The performance of solar lights

  The solar energy lamp mainly uses the lamp cover to connect the base holder, the board is placed on the battery case and is built in the lamp cover. The battery box is installed on the base holder. The LED is installed on the battery panel. The solar panel can be connected with the wire connection, Reliable, not laying cable, do not consume conventional energy, long life and other advantages. Using high-brightness LED light-emitting diode design, no manual operation, dark lights automatically lit, dawn automatically extinguished. Product fashion sense, bright texture, fine, with modern, mainly used in parks, gardens, residential green belt, industrial park green belt, tourist scenic spot, square green space and other places of lighting decoration.

  Development prospects of solar lights

  Solar energy development prospects: In recent years, with the solar energy of this clean and environmentally friendly energy for the public are familiar with, solar garden lights, landscape lights are increasingly widely used, solar street lights are gradually entering the people's vision. It has no need to lay the cable, do not consume conventional energy, long life and other advantages have been widely recognized by the community, many cities and villages have begun to test or demonstration form, in some areas, part of the road to promote the use of solar lights, and received A certain effect. Due to the inherent advantages of solar lights, it will become the new darling of the lighting industry. The industry believes that energy-saving solar street lighting will be one of the direction of the development of lighting, many companies have also invested a lot of technology and capital development of this emerging industry.