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The Principle Of Solar Light Used In Rainy Days

Melin Sunergy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

  The principle of Solar Light used in rainy days

  First, the Solar Light is the use of solar energy into electricity to implement the lighting of energy-saving environmental protection equipment. And in the absence of the sun rainy day it can still normal lighting, what is the reason? Experts to help you a brief introduction.

  1. Solar batteries have the ability to store electricity: through the solar panel conversion of electricity, if there is no battery storage, then these capital will be ruined, so the solar battery to have a storage capacity, and solar panels with the conversion phase Combined with the solar storage capacity of the battery the higher the better;

  2. Solar panels in the unit time to convert solar energy into electrical capacity, the ability to transform is associated with the size of solar panels. Suppose a region of temporary rainy days, it is necessary to use a relatively large solar panels;

  3. Solar lights in the discharge process, the ability to save electricity: Solar Light is solar panels to absorb solar energy and then converted into electrical lighting equipment to ensure the normal operation of lighting equipment, to the efficient use of electricity, reduce the discharge loss, and then to energy The role of reduction.

  Second, in order to ensure that the Solar Light can complete a good job, when the most important street lighting equipment is still to see the rainy days of street lighting equipment. Because the rainy days of Solar Light can not accept the light, so do the rainy day of street lighting equipment to ensure that Solar Light to complete a durable and stable project is very important.

  Solar street rainy days can be completed normal use, first of all to ensure that the solar cell conversion rate. In order to prevent the phenomenon of Solar Light in the rainy days of the phenomenon of power in the street during the installation of solar panels need to improve the conversion rate for Solar Lighting to provide sufficient energy.

  The second is to do the capacity of the battery equipment to ensure that solar street lamps have sufficient storage capacity, so that with the solar panel high conversion rate. The final is to do a good job of street lamp system installation to reduce the internal discharge loss, saving the street lamp itself energy consumption.